Preston Lane creates highly considered Architecture which responds to the human, environmental and social context.  We are interested in how the built form, through space and materiality affects people, and explore this idea across varying scales and building typologies.

Whilst the aesthetic of our work is important, it is the creation of a unique sensitivity and emotion within the spaces we create that is our priority.  This philosophy is applied to all our projects from a single room to an urban landscape.

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DeWitt Construction pics

The extension to DeWitt House evolved from a desire to open up the rear of the heritage home to a lush secret garden at the back of the property.  Each room has visual links to a garden space. Intimate garden frames …

Under construction- Sandy Bay road house

The new extension to our Sandy Bay road house is coming to life.  The existing house has been guttered underneath allowing the new bedroom insertions to slot in below.  Blade walls have emerged from the ground framing unique views to the waterfront whilst maintaining privacy.  …